Our Philosophy

You have found the perfect place to escape, relax and revitalize - Beauty Solution Skincare


Nestled into the heart of Chinatown, we offer facial treatments, body treatments and massages that remind you of how wonderful life can truly be.


With an atmosphere of absolute comfort and soothing sounds swirling through the air, entering into our world will feel like walking into a quaint, contemporary Asian home built just for your needs.


Beauty Solution Skincare has been dedicated to serving NYC for over a decade and has spent that time refining our services to ensure the best possible experience. While other spas focus on the appearance of comfort, we achieve that and more.


The staff at Beauty Solution Skincare has been selectively chosen and extensively trained, ensuring you the most professional and knowledgeable service. We are always improving and have made it our mission to perfect our work so that you can forget about yours.


We are waiting for you at 56 Elizabeth St. in Manhattan, a place where you can close your eyes and let us bring you to your dreams.