Hair Removal

SpaTouch Photo Epilation System

Hair Removal in a Whole New Light


Heat energy from the LUA is deposited into the skin and conducted down the hair shaft, which further increases the hair follicle temperature needed to coagulate the hair bulge and hair bulb. The combined energy of the light and heat results insubsequent destruction of the hair folicle. A natural process eliminates the destroyed hair.


Upperlip $75 (Five Times $299)
Chin $75 (Five Times $299)
Sideburns $75 (Five Times $299)
Back of Neck $119 (Five Times $459)
Front of Neck $119 (Five Times $459)
Underarms $139 (Five Times $699)
Lower Legs $249 (Five Times $899)
Back (Full) $399 (Five Times $1599)
Entire Legs $399 (Five Times $1599)
Full Face $289 (Five Times $980)
Full Arm $249 (Five Times $899)