Eye Care is the Golden Rule of Beauty

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iPro Brighten your charming eyes and stand out from the crowd! The skin of eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive area, with the thickness of only about 0.05mm where the sebaceous glands and sweat glands are fewest, therefore this area is most vulnerable.


With poor blood circulation & microfilament vascular, skin pigment can appear on epidermis.


Even if with enough sleep, people with the above problems will still have black rims, eye bags, and even swollen eyes. Excessive fatigue, aging, extra stimulation (such as rubbing eyes), and some other conditions are easy to cause all sorts of eye skin problems, such as fine lines, relaxation, upper eyelid drooping!


iPRO Greatly Improve 5 issues of eyes

Puffiness, Fine Lines, Black Rims/ Dark Circle, Eye Bags / Eye Pouch, Relaxation.


Essential Oil Stress Relieving Massage
Machine Only each $45 (Ten Times $350)
One Time $110 (Ten Times $880)