Triple Lift Facial HIFU

Ultra Tech High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

The principle of HIFU is to concentrate ultrasound wave to creat heat energy. HIFU technology targets extracorporeal ultrasound beam at specific body area, and transmit it deeper to the SMAS layer beneath the skin. This non-invasive facelift can both rejuvenate skin firmess and boost collagen level.


Benefit of Ultra Tech:

  1. Compared to radiofrequency (RF) or laser treatments, HIFU can reach deeper to the SMAS, targeting at skin aging problems.
  2. Barbed thread lifting effect and collagen replenishment can be achieved during one single treatment.
  3. There is no open wound and downtime after the non-surgical facelift.
  4. Normal activities can be resumed right after treatment.
  5. HIFU facelift results in excellent outcome without compromising safety.


Tripe facelift is the key to skin firmess and anti-aging.

1.5mm / 3mm / 45mm ultrasound aims at tightening the SMAS layer by generating one single heat spot with temperature between 65*C and 70* C beneath the skin.


Such non-invasive approach can tighten the skin and lead to skin co-angulations, while effectively boost the collagen level and lift the face contour.


Plan A

1.5mm treatment for acne, enlarged pore, uneven and dim skin tone, wrinkles and rough texture.

  • Single Treatment $1220
  • Three Treatments $2900


Plan B

3.0mm treatment for eyelid lifting and wrinkle diminishing

  • Single Treatment $1700
  • Three Treatments $3900


Plan C

SMAS tightening and V-Lift treatment

  • Skin age 25-35 Recommendation: 3 treatments.
    • $5200 / 3 treatments ($2300)

  • Skin age 35-45 Recommendation: 3-6 treatments.
    • $9800 / 6 treatments

  • Skin age 45-65 Recommendation: 6 treatments.
    • $9800 / 6 treatments